Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How To Order

To order, simply email me at with up to three main colors for synthetic dreads/wigs and up to five crin colors for cyberlox. More colors are negotiable but please let me know in your initial email. Please use the form below when emailing.

Personal Info
Mailing Address:
Method of Payment: (I currently only accept all forms of Paypal, which is preferred, or money orders and checks by mail)
Completion Date: (if you need your order shipped by a certain date, put that here, or leave this blank if not)

Order Info
Crin Color(s): (optional for dreads/wigs)
Rexlace Color(s): (optional)
Tubing Color(s): (please include which types; optional)
Foam Color(s): (optional)
Dread/Braid Color(s): (optional for cyberlox)
Other: Anything you feel might be relevant, put here.

Color Charts
The below charts are from Doctored Locks
Mini Crin | Large Crin
Natural Hair Colors | Unnatural Hair Colors

The below charts are from CypherLOX.